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JF Hose is a specialist manufacturer of large bore custom-designed rubber hose assemblies for marine, defence and heavy industry.

Flexible engineering
We produce high-quality hoses for offshore, dockside, dredging and many other industrial applications in sizes 50mm to 1000mm diameter and lengths up to 12 metres. Our products range from solid rubber tubes and sleeves, textile reinforced discharge hoses, fully embedded wire and tyre cord reinforced suction hoses as well as complex heavy-duty structures; incorporating steel rings for high vacuum and external crush-loading protection.

Industries served
Oil and Petrochemical Dredging and Mining
Waste water Material handling
Power generation Defence and Military

Coupling systems
Steel components are produced in-house at our computer-controlled machine shop (welding to ASME IX / BS EN287 - 1:2004 A1/2 2008).
We offer bespoke coupling systems including:

Built-in fittings Integral fixed flanges
Fully embedded fittings Beaded end swivel flanges
Internally swaged Plain or enlarged cuffed ends

Example: Built-in fitting

Steel fittings are permanently built into the hose to form a complete part of the assembly. These fittings are recommended for heavy-duty onshore and offshore applications where environments are exposed and challenging.
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Manufacturing capabilities
98,000 square foot manufacturing facility with eight hose machines: 4 x 12 metres, 2 x 6 metres and 2 x 3 metres long. Three autoclaves: 1 x 12 metres (550mm diameter), 1 x 7 metres long (1000mm diameter) and 1 x 6 metres (400mm diameter).

Quality assurance
JF Hose & Couplings Limited is registered to BS EN ISO 9001:2008.
In-house design, manufacturing and testing as well as on-site rubber compounding, calendering and laboratory facilities ensure quality and consistency; enabling us to offer a fast and competitive service world-wide.

Hoses are constantly being developed for specific applications. Our commitment to innovation ensures our position at the leading-edge of bespoke hose technology.