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Dredge suction and discharge hose
Designed for onboard suction pipe alignment and pontoon discharge lines where a robust non-collapsible hose is required. Read more..

Mining and material handling hose for highly abrasive applications
Highly abrasion resistant hoses designed for sand and gravel pits, minerals, coal, grain handling and many other industries where abrasive products are transported. Read more..

"We produce a range of dredging, mining and material handling hoses with specially compounded hard black and pure soft gum natural elastomers in varying thicknesses depending on the severity of wear. A carcass of high-strength synthetic cords gives maximum stability under pressure. High tensile steel wire or heavy-duty separate embedded steel rings gives flexibility and maximum resistance to crushing and vacuum collapse. Coupling systems include integral, beaded end and built-in fittings. Tough neoprene rubber protects the hose externally against abrasion, oil, sea water and weathering."

Gimbal suction hose with separate embedded rings
Designed for use on outboard systems of cutter suction and trailing suction hopper dredgers where gimbal supports are used. These hoses are capable of a high angular deflection over short lengths. Read more..

Flexible bulk handling hoses for pneumatic ship unloaders
A range of highly abrasion resistant flexible hoses for dockside ship unloading systems. Designed for vacuum suction of dry cargo such as cement, grains and animal feeds. Manufactured to give optimum flexibility and multi-directional kink-protection at high angular deflections. Read more..

Dredge discharge hose
Designed for use as flexible walled connections on floating pipeline discharge systems. Read more..

Jet pump hose
High pressure water jet pump discharge hoses for use with jet assisted dredgers.