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Inflatable formers
Inflatable reusable pneumatic rubber formers with a unique reinforced core which enables concentric inflation. They can be surrounded by concrete which when set, allows the former to be deflated and removed, leaving a smooth circular throughway. Their uses are numerous including chimney lining, pre-cast voids and cable ducts. While the formers have high circumferential strength, they are equally flexible in length enabling curved as well as straight voids to be formed. Read more..

Peristaltic pump hose
Specially developed for high impact-resistance and rebound-resilience when handling abrasive and corrosive fluids and slurries. Multiple layers of high-strength synthetic cords are incorporated to give pressure and fatigue-resistance; ensuring that the hose resumes its circular cross-section without damage to the product or hose wall. The outer surface is ground smooth to control the critical diameter and reduce friction; preventing damage from the pumps' shoes. Read more..

Pinch valve sleeves
Rubber sleeves for pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical flow-control applications. Designed for abrasive and corrosive powders and viscous fluids such as slurries, cement, ash, pulp stock, waste water, chemicals, and pellets. The sleeve provides the valve lining, flange gaskets, and seating surface. Fabric or high-strength synthetic cord reinforcement provides structural shoulder support to ensure the sleeve wall retains 'memory'. Pinch valve sleeves are available with integral flanges, beaded ends or plain slip-on configurations.

Mandrel built tubing, sleeves and flexible connections
A range of mandrel built seamless rubber tubes, sleeves and flexible connections produced with various wall thicknesses. Tubing and sleeves can be produced in solid rubber or include plies of fabric or synthetic cord reinforcement. Flexible connections can be made with a parallel or tapered body and can incorporate an embedded steel wire spiral or separate steel wire rings. Bellows are available with corrugated inner and outer surfaces to dramatically increase flexibility. These designs are also available with various coupling systems or plain ends.