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A900 Expansion Joints
Designed and custom-built to withstand the harshest environments and to suit a wide variety of working conditions and industrial applications. Read more..

Pump isolation Axial compression
Noise abatement Axial elongation
Stress relieving Lateral movement
Static misalignment Angular deflection

Multiple layers of high-strength synthetic cord give shock-resistance and stability under pressure. High-tensile steel rings give maximum vacuum resistance and optimum flexibility for axial and angular movements.

Lining and cover
Elastomer qualities are formulated to offer maximum resistance to abrasive and corrosive substances as well as external protection from sunlight exposure and weathering.

Coupling systems
Integral rubber and fabric fixed flanges with vulcanised or loose steel backing flanges or beaded end one-piece swivel flanges.
Carbon and stainless steel components are produced in-house at our computer-controlled machine shop (welding to ASME1X / BS EN287 - 1:2004 A1/2 2008).

Expansion joints are available with tie-rods for applications where axial restriction is required.

900-D D-section arch Allows for high axial movements and maximum angular deflection.
900-F Filled arch Restricts movement, suitable for vibration isolation.
900-T Tapered arch Allows transition between pipe sizes.
900-S Spherical arch Prevents build-up of solid matter and allows for high axial movements.
A900 expansion joints are completely flexible and after compression or extension will return to their original form, even after allowing for an extreme range of temperatures.

Axial compression: The shortening along a longitudinal axis.
Lateral offset: The displacement of two ends perpendicular to a longitudinal axis.
Angular deflection: The displacement of the longitudinal axis into a circular arc.
Angular elongation: The lengthening along a longitudianl axis.
Torsional rotation: The twisting along a longitudianl axis.