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Multipurpose hose
Designed for general-purpose industrial applications. Multipurpose suction and discharge hoses can be made with all qualities of lining and cover elastomers in varying thicknesses depending on internal and external working conditions and severity of the application. We use multiple layers of high-strength rubber impregnated tyre cord and single and multiple steel wire helices, giving a minimum bend radius of 6 x bore size. All coupling system combinations are available including wire-free plain or enlarged cuffed ends; also incorporating 'capped' ends to protect the inner reinforcing carcass from corrosion and contamination; increasing service-life. Cover designs include smooth, corrugated and rope impression. Read more..

Rubber qualities Suffix Applications
Natural NR Water, abrasives
Nitrile NBR Fuels, oils
Neoprene CR Sea water, oil based mud
EPDM EP Chemicals, sea water
Hypalon CSM Chemicals
Viton® FPM Special applications
WRCA EPDM WRCA Drinking water
White natural FDA WNR Food products
White neoprene FDA WCR Food products
Viton® rubber is a registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers.

A700 high pressure hoses - wire cord reinforced
A range of high pressure suction and discharge hoses; capable of handling a wide range of materials, chemicals, oils and solvents. A700 series hoses are manufactured with a fully encapsulated high-tensile brass coated steel wire cord; giving stability under pressure and great flexibility. Outer protection is provided with an oil, sunlight and weather-resistant neoprene rubber cover. Read more..

Water-cooling hoses
Designed to extend the life of critical water-cooling lines in extreme high temperature applications in steel and glass works. These hoses feature a double protective cover of specially compounded fire resistant neoprene rubber with a fully bonded external e-glass insulating fabric; providing protection against heat, flame and molten splashes. High-strength cord layers give the hose suction resistance and stability under pressure. A fully embedded steel wire helix gives flexibility and crush protection. For additional shielding and abrasion resistance an external steel wire armouring is also available. Read more..