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A642, A643, A644 dockside oil suction and discharge hose
Medium-duty 'hard wall' hoses for accessible locations with good handling conditions and heavy-duty hoses for use in rough or restricted environments with limited handling facilities. Read more..

A611, A612 dockside oil delivery hose
Medium and heavy-duty 'soft wall' oil delivery hoses for dockside loading and unloading applications. Read more..

"We produce a range of dockside hoses with a specially compounded nitrile rubber lining to convey all types of petroleum products. Viton™ rubber is also available for petroleum products with 100% aromatic content. Full-bore couplings are built-in. Many hoses are specifically designed for individual terminal loading requirements. Tough neoprene rubber protects the hose externally against oil, abrasion and weathering."
Viton™ is a trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC.

Bitumen hose
A robust rough-bore hose specially designed for the intermittent transfer of bitumen, asphalt and tar at high temperatures. The composite heat resistant rubber and fabric carcass is constructed on to a galvanised steel wire helix in the bore of the hose. Together with the fully embedded wire helix in the hose wall; prevention of delamination is assured. A heavy-duty glass fabric layer immediately above the internal helix provides heat insulation. Read more..

Ship-to-ship (STS) oil hose for lightering services
Helix-free STS hose for transfer of crude oil and petroleum based products. High-strength thick-walled hose with pressure and fatigue-resistance and high rebound-resilience.