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Oil & Petrochemical hose

A642, A643, A644 oil hose

A611, A612 oil hose

A609 bitumen hose

A650 chemical dock hose

Dredging & Mining hose

A112, A113 mining hose

A20 separate ring dredging hose

A27, A28, A29 dredging and mining hose

A22, A23, A24 dredging discharge hose

A251, A252, A253 abrasives discharge hose

Medium-duty abrasives hose

DockVac ship unloading hose

Expansion Joints

A900 Expansion Joints

Multipurpose hose

A65, A66, A67, A68 multipurpose hose

A70, A71, A72, A73 multipurpose hose

A40 general-purpose vacuum hose

A50 general-purpose chemical hose

A69 high pressure hose

A700 wire cord high pressure hose

A800 water-cooling hose

A801 water-cooling hose

A550, A551 composite hose

JF4 suction and discharge hose

Special Products

Inflation formers

A30 peristaltic pump hose

A603, A604, A608 roof tank drain hose

A603S, A604S, A608S roof tank drain hose

Coupling systems

Integral flange

Integral flange for A20 dredge hose

Integral flange for discharge hose

Double-action integral flange

Double-action integral flange for A20 dredge hose

Double-action integral flange for discharge hose

Beaded end flange

Beaded end flange for A20 dredge hose

Beaded end flange for discharge hose

Built-in coupling

Built-in coupling for delivery hose

Built-in coupling for oil hose

Built-in coupling for oil delivery hose

Built-in coupling for A20 dredge hose

Built-in rubber lined coupling

Built-in rubber lined coupling for A20 dredge hose

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Flange chart by size

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